The universe is a banquet and most poor bastards are starving to death.
– Auntie Mame



A 3-Part Live Video Class
with Christopher Hughes

MAY 30 | JUNE 13 | JUNE 27
$395 USD (global pricing applies)


Right now we are living in a time when there is more abundance, wealth and riches available than ever before. How often do you stop and realize the truth of that, instead of focusing on the lack and limits of most peoples world?

We think if we exert the right amount of work and effort we can find wealth and earn it. What if that just wasn’t true?

What if instead you could have treasure show up for you as if by magic?

This class is only for those willing to have that. It’s for those truly willing to cultivate a sense of ease with receiving and having more as their reality and not living from the constructs of value, time and deservedness. 

Are you interested in more?  Series 2 begins very soon!  Go HERE to register for From Resistance to Creation!  


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